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70 Songs to Add to Your Road Trip Playlist (chill/happy)

Updated: Jan 10, 2021

Over the past couple years, Connor and I have created and continually added to our "Road Trip" playlist, which is best suited to when we're going a nice scenic drive at night, as most songs are slower with genres like folk/folk-rock. Sometimes we need something more upbeat, and we have other playlists for these days, which I'll share at some point :) You might not like all these songs (we've grew tired of a few) but maybe some will make their way into your playlists.

PS- a lot of the songs are better once you learn the lyrics and can sing along at the top of your lungs with the windows down!

Click on the links to listen on YouTube.

The Ghost of Paul Revere

1. After Many Miles

2. This is the End


3. Vagabond

4. All the Debt I Owe

5. By and By

6. 26

7. Feels Like Home

8. Keep the Blues Away

9. See the World

10. Down the River

11. Common Man

12. Misty

13. Iffy

14. So Long, Honey

15. Books

16. So Cool

17. Full Moon Song

18. Send the Fishermen

19. Strawberries

20. Penny, Heads Up

21. Great Heights

22. Going to the Country

23. Hey Joe

Can you tell Caamp is a favourite?

The Lumineers

24. Angela

25. Dead Sea

26. Where the Skies are Blue

27. Flowers in Your Hair

28. Classy Girls

29. Darlene

30. Sleep on the Floor

31. Gloria

32. Ain't Nobody's Problem

33. Donna

34. Walls

Rex Orange County

35. Best Friend

36. Never Had The Balls

37. You've Got a Friend in Me

38. Corduroy Dreams

Mt Joy

39. Silver Lining

40. Astrovan

41. Cardinal

42. Sheep

43. Jenny Jenkins

Shakey Graves

44. Tomorrow

45. Dearly Departed

46. Pay The Road

47. A World So Full Of Love

Rayland Baxter

48. Willy's Song

49. Strange American Dream

50. Hey Larocco

51. Angeline

Vance Joy

52. Lay It On Me

53. Fire And The Flood

Rainbow Kitten Surprise

54. All That and More (Sailboat)

55. It's Called: Freefall

Cage the Elephant

56. Cigarette Daydreams

57. Telescope

Alt J

58. Breezeblocks

59. Left Hand Free


60. Broken Bones

61. Automobile


62. The Cave- Mumford and Sons

63. Luckiest Man- The Wood Brothers

64. Sedona- Houndmouth

65. Dirty Paws- Of Monsters and Men

66. Back to Autumn- Tall Heights

67. Rubble To Rubble- Wilderado

68. Waste A Moment- Kings Of Leon

69. Wildflowers- Cover by Miley Cyrus (On Spotfiy)

70. This Life- Vampire Weekend


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