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Our lives, landscapes and our natural wonders make for truly incredible photo inspiration. I have been fortunate enough to capture such beauty through my phone and share with friends, family, and followers alike. Since 2012 (when I was a young 12 year old), I have been lucky enough to go on phenomenal adventures, documenting my journeys every step of the way. I have my amazing family to thank for the abundance of adventure and thrills over the years, and now I'm continuing this independently (and still with family) at 20. I study Marine Biology at university and my top hobbies are scuba diving, hill walking, and of course travel and photography! I may just be starting out on travel photography and I still have so much of the world to see, but I hope you will join me on my travels!

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Growing up in Scotland, I have learned to appreciate the outdoors through hill walking with my grandad and brothers. Scotland is a beautiful country full of greenery, trees, hills, lochs, and lots of wildlife. As I live in central Scotland, visiting the best scenic places away from the larger crowds typically requires an hour or so drive, however Scotland has a lot to offer all over the country. But for me it can get boring, and sometimes doesn't provide the same thrills and adventure I hope for, and it certainly doesn't provide the best weather conditions! However, after travelling it is always nice to come home to such a breath taking country. 

At school I always had a love for animals and an interest in science (biology & chemistry, physics went way over my head), but never put the two together until I turned 17, and decided to apply for Marine Biology at university. The funny thing is, I couldn't properly swim until about age 14, and now I am training to become a scuba diver to go with my (almost completed) marine biology degree. I only really practiced swimming when I was on holiday in pools and the sea, and I know I wouldn't be a confident swimmer or be able to swim at all if I hadn't been all the trips I have, which is another reason to be grateful for them. It goes to show you might be struggling with something now and believe you'll never get it, but in a few years it could even be a hobby if you keep trying! I've created some amazing memories with my family which is the most important thing to me, and I hope to continue experiencing beautiful countries with them and my boyfriend Connor, who I've already had some amazing adventures with already!